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Swiss Balls Swiss Balls Exercise and posture balls
Taping supplies Taping supplies Sports tape, under dressing and elastic tape
Zo Rub Zo Rub Soothing relief for stiff muscles, sprains and bruises.
Lumbar Supports The Slimline D-Roll is ideal for people on the go, who need lumbar support on different types of chairs.
Braces Braces Various bracing
Foam Rollers Foam Rollers Foam Rollers are an excellent way to develop balance, coordination, body awareness, self-massage, flexibility and dynamic strength.
Air Cushions Air Cushions Enhance awareness, coordination and strength.
Fitness-Pilates Mat Fitness/ Pilates Mat Provides a comfortable exercise environment, giving extra traction and protection on hard training surfaces.
Tubular bandage Tubular bandage Provides tissue support in the treatment of strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, joints effusions, general odema.
Wheatbags and cold packs Wheatbags and cold packs Hot/Cold therapy
Orthotics Orthotics Orthotics give your feet the stability, control and support necessary for optimal performance and prevention of injury.
Weights Weights Neoprene Dumbbells