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Muscle strains and tears

Acute injury management-


Protect- Protect the injured tissue from undue stress that may disrupt the healing process and/or cause further injury.
Rest- This reduces the energy requirements of the area, avoids any unnecessary increase in blood flow, ensures protection of the area and optimises healing. For example; using slings, crutches or lying down.
Ice- The ice helps constrict the blood vessels thereby limiting bleeding and reducing the accumulation of unnecessary scar tissue. Crushed ice wrapped in a damp towel is best. Ice should be applied immediately after injury for 20 minutes every 3-4 hours.
Compression- Taping, simple off-the shelf compression bandages and adjustable neoprene supports will help. It is important to ensure the bandages are not too tight to cause pins and needles or any loss of feeling around the joint.
Elevation- Lowers the blood pressure and helps limit bleeding and encourage drainage of fluid through the lymphatic system.

Clients appreciate the benefits of early physiotherapy intervention of-
• early cryocuff (ice with compression) application which improved recovery time and control of swelling
• taping and compression stabilises the damaged tissues
• advice on appropriate balance between rest and exercise
• a clearly defined rehabilitation plan.

This management ensures our clients of the earliest possible recovery and long-term stability.