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There is a lot of very good research that shows the benefit of exercise and stretching.

Benefits include-
• Reduced joint pain and stiffness
• Increased flexibility
• Development of strength
• Bone and cartilage health
• Control swelling
• Build heart and lung function
• Assist with sleep
• Reduced fatigue, anxiety and depression
• Weight loss.
International best practice guidelines highlight the need for a combined approach to treatment of arthritis incorporating both medical and exercise based therapy. We can’t prevent arthritis, but physiotherapists have an important role in preventing disability.

A tailor made programme will account for individual requirements and the various stages of the pathology however some simple starting principles include activities such as:
• Walking Hydrotherapy
• Cycling Swimming
• Tai Chi
• Aqua Jogging.
If you are suffering from arthritis, we can tailor a programme suited to your needs or put you on a strengthening programme in our rehabilitation gymnasium. We can liaise with your GP as required and make sure that the exercise fits your stage of pathology and lifestyle. Call us for a chat or call in for guidance on how we can get you back to full function.