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Antenatal and Postnatal Treatment

Back pain is common during pregnancy and physiotherapy may help. We use gentle manual therapy, exercises, back and sacroiliac joint supports to keep you active and fully functioning.

Antenatal exercises are aimed at:
• Improving the range of movement in your joints, especially of the pelvic region.
• Strengthening the muscles that support your back and abdomen, and especially the pelvic floor to prevent leaking of urine.
• Maintaining a good, upright posture through your pregnancy.
• Teaching relaxation techniques to assist you during labour.
• Teaching breathing control to assist you during labour.

Postnatal exercises are aimed at:
• Restoring muscle strength – especially of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, to help you regain your body’s muscle control and tone, prevent low back pain, and to prevent possible future problems with incontinence.

Our physiotherapists are also able to advise you about continuing with your usual exercise activities during pregnancy and following childbirth.